Wake Up Calls for Hotel & Tourism Industry by Xpand

“Os desafios da comunicação nas organizações.”

São os desafios da comunicação organizacional de hoje, diferentes dos de ontem?


As Wake Up Calls for Hotel & Tourism Industry by Xpand são momentos e espaços de reflexão, discussão colaborativa e co-criação sobre a gestão de pessoas em hotelaria e turismo.

Mensalmente, apresentaremos um tema para debate e queremos acolhê-lo a si e às suas ideias para juntos, apoiarmos a recuperação do setor.

Gostaria de sugerir um tema para debate ou facilitar uma Wake Up Call? Envie-nos a sua proposta!



“Senior executive with a robust experience in leading the Human Resources function, in highly demanding organizational contexts and in competitive business environments, both in B2B (Audit – Arthur Andersen) and B2C (Spirits – Bacardi Martini and Hospitality – Starwood and Pestana) industries. As HR Manager and later HR Director (15 years), I contributed and led professionalization and transformation of HR, in order to increase the efficacy in critical matters for the business success and long term sustainability such as: Human Resources Strategy; Labor Relations & Social Environment; Performance Culture; Talent Management and Development; Organizational Capability & Organizational Development; HR Systems & Metrics; etc. Due to my extensive experience in Hospitality, I also have acquired a relevant expertize in the industry business fundamentals and in Hotel Management from an holistic perspective (in other words, I am capable of managing a business unit on my own). An “integrator” by nature, a resilient leader, balancing assertive leadership and emotional intelligence, results oriented and a firm believer in the business impact of the Human Capital development. Used to manage a complex group of stakeholders (from staff to senior management), based on self-accountability and trust based relationships.”